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Welcome to my portfolio site.

I'm an interactive developer based in Toronto. I have over 10 years of experience in programming and designing websites and digital products. In the last eight years, I mainly focused on creating interactive content for children that is fun and educational. From websites to mobile apps, I aim to create engaging interactive products that provide great user experience.

My other interests include product development as well as data analytics. I'm interested in understanding how the quality of digital products can be improved through collecting data and making evidance-based decisions.

Featured Project

TVOKids Cake Artist

Screenshot of Cake Artist Game  Screenshot of Cake Artist Game  Screenshot of Cake Artist Game

Cake Artist is a popular cake-decorating game where children learn simple vocabulary that is related to colour and texture. It was originally designed to be a web game for desktop computers. By popular demand, it was later converted to an app that is available in iTunes, Google Play, and BlackBerry World.

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available on iTunes  Get it on Google Play  Available on the BlackBerry World

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Phone: (416) 625-3521

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